Who we are

CARES is the leading not-for-profit independent international reinforcing steels product certification body delivering confidence in the performance, provenance and quality of safety-critical reinforcement products entering the construction supply chain. With a proud track record of providing assurance to users, designers, consultants and specifiers spanning four decades, CARES’ data-led inspection and certification services provide valuable transparency into the provenance and sustainability characteristics of reinforcing steels moving across complex supply chains.

Clients and specifiers can specify CARES-certified reinforcement suppliers with confidence that the product will comply with the relevant reinforcement standard without the need for costly, on-site testing.

Compliance with regulatory systems and product standards is inbuilt with CARES certification – and backed up by a seamless digital solution, the CARES Cloud App, providing instant authentication of a supplier’s CARES certification and traceability to the origin of the reinforcing steel.

Our Values and Policies 

CARES Sustainability Policy (Environment, Human Rights and Labour)

CARES Climate Commitment

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